Research and investment for livable mountain communities®

research & Investment for livable mountain Communities

From workforce housing to food security, APX1 is the first international effort to address the core issues rural recreation communities face. We are dedicated to finding, funding, and building innovative solutions for generations to come.



Resort-based mountain towns face a set of challenges unique to their remote locations and economic circumstances. Within current frameworks, mountain regions are often unable to generate sufficient opportunities for full-time residents to live, work and prosper. Skilled working residents are becoming scarce as families face extreme living costs with little opportunity to find solutions. This accelerating trend is due to a number of factors, each of which contribute to an eroding community and economic landscape.

To address these issues we formed APX1, an organization built to provide livability resources for U.S. mountain communities. Through research and analysis, we innovate best-practice policy, land use, housing and food security solutions. These solutions inform the APX1 impact investor network, which provides capital for APX1 identified investment opportunities. APX1 Partners is a full service development firm established to build solutions that bolster rural recreation communities. APX1 is quickly becoming the leading resource for mountain policy, development, and investment information. From Crested Butte, Colorado to Sun Valley, Idaho we are dedicated to finding solutions for the longevity of rural mountain communities. 



APX1 provides ongoing research and rankings to evaluate and forecast mountain town livability. Core research topics include full-time resident housing, land and planning policy, food security and resort relations. APX1 is here to help community-building developments lobby on behalf of our 26 focal regions to support mountain town livability and the APX1 mission. 


The APX1 investor network deploys capital to beneficial impact and Opportunity Zone developments. APX1 identifies private sector and policy-led solutions to inform profitable investments in alignment with the APX1 mission. Login to view current opportunities. We actively invest in housing developments targeted to 50-300% AMI full-time residents.


APX1 Partners is a full service development firm established to build innovative and high-quality infrastructure in U.S. Mountain Regions. APX1 Partners develop mixed use and multi-family housing for the 50-300% AMI workforce. In addition to housing, APX1 Partners develops projects that enhance outdoor recreation and rural communities.


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There is an absolute need to increase the supply of local middle-income housing near resorts… The Focus (of sustainable development) should be on obtainable Middle Income Housing, what people with families value.
— Mark Kane, Director Community Planning, SE Group
On a per capita basis Teton County is the richest county in the richest country in the world. To achieve the goal of 65% of workers living in-county, 83% of the remaining 7k homes to be built must house at least one local worker… this will never happen.
— Jonathan Schechter, Executive Director, Jackson Hole Charture Institute
Living the Dream has never been easy in the West’s most beloved adventure hamlets, where homes are a fortune and good jobs are few. But the rise of online short term rentals may be the tipping point that causes these idyllic outposts to loose their middle class all together - and with it their soul.
— Tom Vanderbilt, Outside Online